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Complete Cooling Cycles

Many heat exchangers are during their lifetime under negative effect of decreased cooling duty. It is given by one or more factors as:
  • Wrong concept in feasibility study
  • Secret defects in process design
  • Mistakes in design documentation
  • Mechanical design mistakes
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Sub-supplies with defects (machines, valves)
  • Wrong assembly procedure
  • Wrong commission procedure (insufficient quantity of tests)
  • Mistakes in control system
  • Wrong operation (mistakes in operation manual)
  • Insufficient maintenance

Cooling Duty Optimization (our know-how)

Our cooling duty optimization of the heat exchangers is solution for all these negative factors. It is applicable for new projects in stage of investment decision or for design stage, and mostly for existing power plants. Cooling duty optimization is group of special inspections and repair works. Based on problems of the heat exchangers it is needed to realize one or more of steps. Summary of steps of our cooling duty optimization see below:
  • Check of documents for investment decision about power plant concept
  • Check of process design of cooling cycle
  • Check of design documentation
  • Check of real geometry of the heat exchanger
  • Check of real process connection of the cooling cycle
  • Measurement of cooling duty of the heat exchanger
  • Measurement of air leakage and repair of vacuum tightness – for steam turbines and condensers (see Vacuum systems)
  • Measurement of suction performance of vacuum pumps (see Vacuum systems)
  • Maintenance and repair of fan units (axial fans, bearing boxes, gearboxes, el. motors)
  • Machinery cleaning of finned tubes of air-cooled heat exchangers
  • Combined cleaning of shell & tube heat exchangers, especially elbows of U-tubes (our know-how)


  • Manufacture of spare parts

Special Supplies for Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

  • Special equipment for monitoring of fouling of fins on air side (our invention / know-how)
  • Note: This special equipment makes monitoring of quantity of fouling of finned tubes. User of power plant gets continual data about condition of fins. This allows to make good decision, if is time to clean the heat exchanger (fouling of fins = higher operation cost and/or lower production profit), or if cleaning is still not necessary (without cleaning = saving money).


Inspection & Supervision

Repair & Maintenance

See separate chapters in the menu Services.

Cooling Duty Optimization and Service of Heat Exchangers

For air-cooled heat exchangers and shell & tube heat exchangers we provide cooling duty optimization and general service – measurement of heat transfer, measurement of aerodynamic performance of fans, measurement of suction performance of vacuum pumps, vibration diagnostics on steel structures, diagnostics of bearings on gearboxes and el. motors, measurement of air leakage of vacuum systems, maintenance and repair of all machines, cleaning of heat transfer surface, repair of control systems etc.