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Power Plants – Steam Turbines and Condensers

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All Industry Applications used Vacuum

Each vacuum system in long time period starts to decrease performance due to air leakage from ambient atmosphere.

This is reason for decreased production of el. energy in turbo-generators of many power plants. Air leakage makes vacuum condensing pressure in the condenser worse, respectively makes performance of turbine lower. Air leakage of vacuum system also brings negative increase of el. power consumption for cooling of condensers and increase risk of freezing of air-cooled condensers.

Vacuum Leakage Audit (our know-how)

For vacuum systems of steam turbines and condensers is given our systematic vacuum leakage audit:
  • Check of right design of vacuum system connection and vacuum pump parameters
  • Check of real process connection of vacuum system
  • Measurement of total air leakage of vacuum system during turbine operation
  • Measurement of air leakage on condenser
  • Specification of air leakage on turbine
  • Measurement of suction performance of vacuum pumps, resp. steam-jet ejectors
  • Looking for air leakage with helium or pressure air
  • Repair of air leakage
  • Repair of vacuum pumps
  • Change of performance regulation of vacuum pumps
  • Intermediate and final measurement of air leakage of vacuum system (for inspection of quality of repair)
New power plants during commissioning or guarantee time have very often vacuum system with higher air leakage than allowed or wrong vacuum pumps performance. In such case is not easy to exactly say if majority problem is on the turbine or on the condenser. Our method of air leakage measurement is solution for these troubles between investor, EPC contractor, turbine sub-contractor and condenser sub-contractor.

For vacuum systems in other industries is our audit applicable with small differences.

Cooling Duty Optimization and Service of Heat Exchangers

For air-cooled heat exchangers and shell & tube heat exchangers we provide cooling duty optimization and general service – measurement of heat transfer, measurement of aerodynamic performance of fans, measurement of suction performance of vacuum pumps, vibration diagnostics on steel structures, diagnostics of bearings on gearboxes and el. motors, measurement of air leakage of vacuum systems, maintenance and repair of all machines, cleaning of heat transfer surface, repair of control systems etc.