Repair Works

  • Energy equipment repair – planned and emergency
  • Analysis of operation problems, failures, emergency cases and damages
  • Preparation of technical documentation
  • Manufacture of original new parts
  • Completion of repairs with sub-supplies
  • All assembly and repair works
  • Operation test after finish of repair
  • Periodical service in guarantee and after guarantee time


  • Design of sufficient quantity of spare parts
  • Supplies of spare parts
  • Engineering design for non-limited lifetime of the plant
  • Periodical service inspections
  • Periodical controls of operation parameters
  • Periodical monitoring of operating condition of the plants

Conservation for longtime shutdown

  • Review of the plants for possibility of conservation
  • Engineering design for conservation of machines and equipment
  • Realization of conservation
  • Removing of conservation before putting the plants into operation

Cooling Duty Optimization and Service of Heat Exchangers

For air-cooled heat exchangers and shell & tube heat exchangers we provide cooling duty optimization and general service – measurement of heat transfer, measurement of aerodynamic performance of fans, measurement of suction performance of vacuum pumps, vibration diagnostics on steel structures, diagnostics of bearings on gearboxes and el. motors, measurement of air leakage of vacuum systems, maintenance and repair of all machines, cleaning of heat transfer surface, repair of control systems etc.