Our core business is oriented on industry and power plants.

We offer complex engineering, equipment supplies, repair works, maintenance and services, technical inspections, controls and supervisions.

For heat exchangers – air-cooled coolers, air-cooled condensers and shell & tube heat exchangers – we make systematic analysis of heat duty including repairs and cleaning of heat transfer surface. That makes possible to increase parameters of power machines (steam turbines, compressors etc.) and decrease of operation cost of the heat exchangers.

Our target is to be trustworthy and sophisticated organization. Our work brings to our clients minimization of risks and problems in the future. We offer clever technical solutions prepared for original case and optimization of operational parameters of the plants. Our goal is to maximize profit of our customers.

Cooling Duty Optimization and Service of Heat Exchangers

For air-cooled heat exchangers and shell & tube heat exchangers we provide cooling duty optimization and general service – measurement of heat transfer, measurement of aerodynamic performance of fans, measurement of suction performance of vacuum pumps, vibration diagnostics on steel structures, diagnostics of bearings on gearboxes and el. motors, measurement of air leakage of vacuum systems, maintenance and repair of all machines, cleaning of heat transfer surface, repair of control systems etc.