Diagnostics and Maintenance of Axial Fans and Driving Units of Cooling Towers

  • Vibration measurement
  • Bearing diagnostics
  • Check the screws and tighten to the correct torque
  • Check the level of rotation of the fan
  • Check and setting the angles of fan blades
  • Check the clearance between the blades and the fan casing
  • Check the drainage holes in blades
  • Check the oil and air filters on gearboxes
  • Check and replacement the transmission oil
  • Check the lubricant and lubrication of bearings
  • Check surface protection
  • Check for wear or damage
  • Replacement of spare parts
  • Cleaning

Special Service

  • Measurement of the aerodynamic performance of the fans (air flow and static pressure)
  • Measurement of input power of el. motors
  • Setting the angle of the blades of fans to the optimum operating point - optimization of the aerodynamic performance

Cooling Duty Optimization and Service of Heat Exchangers

For air-cooled heat exchangers and shell & tube heat exchangers we provide cooling duty optimization and general service – measurement of heat transfer, measurement of aerodynamic performance of fans, measurement of suction performance of vacuum pumps, vibration diagnostics on steel structures, diagnostics of bearings on gearboxes and el. motors, measurement of air leakage of vacuum systems, maintenance and repair of all machines, cleaning of heat transfer surface, repair of control systems etc.